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      Founded in 1992, Head Group is an international cellulose ether and HPMC capsule production and service enterprise. Have 4 major divisions, with business covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world
      Jack Bee

      Born in 1981, bachelor degree. Joined Head in 2004 and successively served as manager of foreign trade department, board secretary, VGM, GM. Chairman since May 2020.

      Angela Bao

      Born in 1968, graduated from Fudan University, EMBA of Tsinghua University / INSEAD. Former senior VP of Schaeffler China, senior VP of HR Schindler China and global escalator division. Joined Head in 2020.

      Songling Bee
      Board Secretary

      Born in 1971, bachelor degree. Former financial manager, assistant to general manager, VGM and financial director. Current director, VGM and board secretary of Head.

      Tim Zhou
      GM of Cellulose Ether

      Born in 1975, MBA of Peking University. Former division operation director of AkzoNobel and Saint-Gobain. Joined Head in April 2021.

      Chengxi Dong
      GM of Healsee Capsule

      Born in 1980. Joined Head in 2001 and served as salesman, sales manager and deputy general manager successively. Since 2014, has been the GM of Shandong Healsee Capsule Co., Ltd.

      Jianjun Qiu
      GM of Cellulose Ether Gaoqing

      Born in 1974, bachelor degree. Joined Head in 1994. Since May 2020, has been the VGM of Head and the GM of Cellulose Ether Gaoqing.

      Bingsheng Yang
      GM of Chemical Equipment

      Born in 1976. Since 2014, served as the deputy manager, manager, VGM and GM of Chemical Equipment Division. Deputy VGM of Head since May 2020.

      Dazhi Zhang
      GM of Fortune Chemical

      Born in 1978, graduated from Tianjin University with a master's degree. Former GM of Haiyuan Chemical and Ruida Chemical. Joined Head in 2021.

      Ling Cui
      Financial Director

      Born in 1977, bachelor degree. Joined Head in 2018 and served as financial BP and fund manager successively, has been the company's financial director since July 2022.

      Ken Su

      Born in 1977, Master of ShanghaiTech University, Senior Economist, DDI Certified Lecturer, worked in Human Resources of Degussa, Flow, Spike, Kohler. Joined Head as Human Resources Director in July 2021.