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      Division & Product
      Head Group is an Eco-complex group company, who has 4 business divisions and open up the upstream and downstream industry chain of Cellulose and penetrating the fields of plant meat, vegetable capsules, etc.
      HEALSEE Capsule Division







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      Product Service

      HEALSEE offers customers a wide range of colouring services in a variety of colours to choose from. You can also request your own colors, which we design specifically for you.

      HEALSEE offers various styles of printing services, including company name, brand name, product names to manifest the product personality and company brand, making it easy for users to distinguish different medicines and avoid misuse.

      HEALSEE provides customers with all-sided product support.

      Product Specififation
      Size Lock Length Volume
      000# 25.7mm 1.34ml
      00#el 25.3mm 1.02ml
      00# 23.4mm 0.93ml
      0# 21.7mm 0.68ml
      Size Lock Length Volume
      1# 19.3mm 0.50ml
      2# 17.8mm 0.37ml
      3# 15.7mm 0.30ml
      4# 14.2mm 0.21ml
      Quality Assurance

      Excellent quality depends on great control. HEALSEE attaches great importance to product quality. Relying on mature and advanced technology, it moves furthest the support of quality control to the design and R&D stage of capsules, in order to reduce defects caused by unreasonable process design. Besides, manufacture and inspection are strictly controlled according to GMP in the prodution, which ensures overall quality control of capsule.

      Control of design and development

      With scientific basis, the research and development process is rigorous to eliminate adverse effects.

      Control of raw material

      The company procures raw materials from high quality suppliers and each batch of them is strictly inspected to ensure stable and safe quality.

      Control of manufacturing process

      All manufacturing processes are strictly controlled in accordance with GMP requirements to ensure that the process can meet the requirements continuously and stably.

      Control of Finished

      Each batch is inspected to ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements.